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Hey there, guitar enthusiasts! Are you looking to enhance the sound of your acoustic guitar? Well, look no further because we have compiled a list of the 7 best acoustic guitar pickups in 2018 just for you! Whether you’re a seasoned musician or a beginner, finding the right pickup can make a world of difference to your sound. So, let’s dive in and discover the perfect pickup for you!

The Importance of a Great Acoustic Guitar Pickup

🎸 Choosing the right pickup for your acoustic guitar is crucial for capturing and amplifying the natural sound of your instrument. A high-quality pickup can enhance the clarity, tonal balance, and overall projection of your guitar, allowing you to be heard in live performances or recording sessions.

🎸 While there are numerous options available, it’s essential to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each pickup before making your decision. With our comprehensive guide, we’ll help you navigate through the world of acoustic guitar pickups, so you can find the best one that suits your needs and preferences.

The Top 7 Acoustic Guitar Pickups

1. The LR Baggs Anthem SL Classical

2. The Fishman Rare Earth Humbucking

3. The Seymour Duncan Woody HC Hum-canceling

4. The K&K Pure Mini Acoustic Guitar Pickup

5. The DiMarzio DP134 Elemental

6. The Shadow SH 330 Soundhole Pickup

7. The Dean Markley DM3011 Artist

Advantages and Disadvantages of Acoustic Guitar Pickups

1. LR Baggs Anthem SL Classical


– Exceptional sound quality and clarity, preserving the natural tonal characteristics of your guitar.- Easy installation process with minimal modifications to your instrument.- Feedback-resistant design for hassle-free live performances.


– Relatively higher price compared to other options.- May require professional installation for optimal results.

2. Fishman Rare Earth Humbucking


– Powerful and warm sound reproduction, suitable for various playing styles.- Humbucking design eliminates unwanted noise and hum.- Adjustable pole pieces for fine-tuning your tone.


– Requires a battery for operation.- Installation process may be slightly complex for beginners.

3. Seymour Duncan Woody HC Hum-canceling


– Offers a true acoustic sound with low noise and feedback.- Single-coil design with hum-canceling properties.- Easy installation and hassle-free adjustment options.


– Limited tonal shaping capabilities.- Not suitable for guitars with soundholes larger than 3.85 inches.

4. K&K Pure Mini Acoustic Guitar Pickup


– Delivers a warm, natural sound with balanced tonal response.- Simple installation process without the need for drilling or modifications.- Works well with most acoustic guitar body types.


– Requires careful positioning of the three pickup elements for optimal sound.- Some players may require additional EQ adjustments to achieve their desired tone.

5. DiMarzio DP134 Elemental


– Rich and dynamic sound reproduction with enhanced midrange presence.- Easy installation process suitable for both acoustic and electric guitars.- Versatile pickup system suitable for a wide range of genres.


– May require professional installation for optimal sound.- Slightly higher price compared to other options.

6. Shadow SH 330 Soundhole Pickup


– Delivers a warm and balanced sound with adjustable pole pieces.- Large range of tonal possibilities with integrated volume and tone controls.- Easy installation and hassle-free operation.


– Requires a preamp or external amplifier for optimal performance.- Sound quality may vary depending on the guitar’s body type.

7. Dean Markley DM3011 Artist


– Offers a clear and articulate sound with excellent feedback resistance.- Quick and easy installation process suitable for most acoustic guitar soundholes.- Affordable option without compromising on quality.


– May require additional EQ adjustments to suit personal preferences.- Some players may find the sound less warm compared to other options.

A Comprehensive Table of the Best Acoustic Guitar Pickups in 2018

Pickup Name Advantages Disadvantages
LR Baggs Anthem SL Classical Exceptional sound quality, easy installation, feedback-resistant Higher price, may require professional installation
Fishman Rare Earth Humbucking Powerful and warm sound, humbucking design, adjustable pole pieces Requires a battery, slightly complex installation
Seymour Duncan Woody HC Hum-canceling True acoustic sound, hum-canceling design, easy installation Limited tonal shaping, not suitable for larger soundholes
K&K Pure Mini Acoustic Guitar Pickup Warm and natural sound, easy installation, works well with most guitars Requires careful positioning, may require additional EQ adjustments
DiMarzio DP134 Elemental Rich and dynamic sound, easy installation, versatile pickup May require professional installation, higher price
Shadow SH 330 Soundhole Pickup Warm and balanced sound, adjustable pole pieces, integrated controls Requires a preamp, sound quality varies with guitar body types
Dean Markley DM3011 Artist Clear and articulate sound, easy installation, affordable May require additional EQ adjustments, sound may be less warm

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Which pickup is best for fingerstyle playing?

Your best bet would be the LR Baggs Anthem SL Classical pickup. Its exceptional sound quality and feedback-resistant design make it ideal for fingerstyle playing.

2. Can I install these pickups myself?

Yes, most of these pickups come with easy installation processes. However, if you’re unsure or want optimal results, professional installation is always recommended.

3. Do these pickups require batteries?

Some pickups, like the Fishman Rare Earth Humbucking, do require batteries for operation. Make sure to check the specifications of each pickup before purchase.

4. Are these pickups suitable for live performances?

Absolutely! These pickups are designed to enhance your sound in live performances, allowing you to be heard clearly in various venues.

5. Do these pickups work with nylon string guitars?

Yes, the LR Baggs Anthem SL Classical pickup is designed specifically for nylon string guitars. It provides exceptional sound quality while preserving the natural characteristics of the instrument.

6. Can I use these pickups on electric guitars as well?

Yes, the DiMarzio DP134 Elemental is a versatile pickup that works well with both acoustic and electric guitars.

7. What is the average price range for these pickups?

The price range for these pickups varies, but you can expect to find quality options within the $100 to $300 range.

8. Do I need additional equipment to use these pickups?

Some pickups, like the Shadow SH 330 Soundhole Pickup, may require a preamp or external amplifier for optimal performance. Make sure to check the specifications of each pickup.

9. Are these pickups suitable for vintage guitars?

Yes, these pickups can be installed on vintage guitars. However, it’s always recommended to consult with a professional to ensure compatibility and minimize any potential damage.

10. Can I adjust the tone of these pickups?

Most pickups offer some form of tonal adjustment, either through pole pieces or included controls. This allows you to fine-tune your desired sound.

11. Do these pickups fit all acoustic guitar body types?

While most pickups are compatible with standard acoustic guitar body types, it’s important to check the specifications of each pickup to ensure proper fitment.

12. Can I remove these pickups if I want to switch back to the original setup?

Yes, most pickups can be easily removed without causing any damage to your guitar. However, it’s always recommended to consult with a professional if you’re unsure.

13. Can I combine multiple pickups on my acoustic guitar?

Yes, you can combine different pickups to achieve a unique sound. However, it’s important to consider the compatibility and wiring requirements of each pickup.


Now that you’ve discovered the 7 best acoustic guitar pickups in 2018, it’s time to take your sound to the next level! Whether you prefer a warm and natural tone or a powerful and dynamic sound, there’s a pickup on our list that will meet your needs. Don’t settle for average sound quality – invest in a high-quality pickup and let your guitar shine!

Remember, each pickup has its own advantages and disadvantages, so make sure to choose one that suits your playing style, budget, and tonal preferences. Whether you’re a professional musician or just starting your musical journey, a great acoustic guitar pickup can make all the difference in enhancing your sound.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite acoustic guitar, choose the perfect pickup, and let your music soar to new heights!


While we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information, it’s important to note that the availability and specifications of these pickups may have changed since 2018. We recommend consulting with reputable music retailers or manufacturers for the latest information before making a purchase decision. Additionally, the opinions expressed in this article are solely based on our research and personal experience. As always, we encourage you to try out different options and choose the pickup that best suits your individual preferences and needs.

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