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Hey there, fellow music enthusiasts! Today, we dive into the world of affordable acoustic guitars that strike the perfect balance between quality and price. In this article, we present to you the 7 best budget OM guitars that will surely elevate your musical journey. Whether you are a seasoned guitarist or just starting out, these guitars are designed to bring out the best in you without breaking the bank. Letโ€™s explore the exquisite blend of craftsmanship, playability, and affordability these guitars have to offer!

1. Yamaha FG800 OM Guitar: Strumming Perfection ๐ŸŽธ

The Yamaha FG800 OM Guitar is a true gem for budget-conscious players. With its solid spruce top and nato/okume back and sides, this instrument delivers a warm and resonant tone that fills the room. Its scalloped bracing ensures excellent projection and rich harmonics, making it ideal for both strumming and fingerpicking styles. The smooth playability and durable construction make the Yamaha FG800 a beloved choice for beginners and experienced guitarists alike!


โœ… Solid spruce top for superior tonal quality
โœ… Scalloped bracing enhances projection and richness
โœ… Excellent affordability without compromising on playability


โŒ Slightly heavier compared to some competitors
โŒ Limited finish options
โŒ Lack of built-in electronics for amplification

2. Fender CD-60SCE OM Guitar: A Versatile Performer ๐ŸŽถ

The Fender CD-60SCE OM Guitar is a stage-ready instrument that offers exceptional versatility at an affordable price point. Featuring a solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides, it produces a well-balanced tone with a strong midrange presence. The built-in Fishman preamp and tuner allow seamless amplification and onstage performance. Whether youโ€™re strumming at home or playing on stage, this guitar can handle it all!


โœ… Solid spruce top and mahogany back for balanced tone
โœ… Fishman preamp for easy amplification
โœ… Slim neck profile provides comfortable playability


โŒ Some players find the action slightly high
โŒ Limited color options available
โŒ The onboard tuner may require frequent calibration

3. Epiphone AJ-220SCE OM Guitar: Bold Sound on a Budget ๐ŸŽผ

For those yearning for a bolder sound, the Epiphone AJ-220SCE OM Guitar is the perfect choice. Its solid mahogany top combined with a select mahogany body delivers a rich and commanding tone. The SlimTaper D-profile neck ensures effortless fretting, making it suitable for players of all skill levels. With its stunning aesthetics and powerful sound, this guitar stands out among its peers.


โœ… Solid mahogany top for a rich and commanding tone
โœ… Onboard electronics offer versatile amplification options
โœ… Grover Rotomatic tuners ensure precise tuning stability


โŒ Slightly heavier compared to some competitors
โŒ Limited color options available
โŒ The neck may require occasional adjustment

4. Seagull S6 Original OM Guitar: Handcrafted Brilliance ๐ŸŽน

The Seagull S6 Original OM Guitar is a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of this renowned Canadian brand. Made with a solid cedar top and wild cherry back and sides, it produces a warm and vibrant sound with exceptional clarity. The smooth satin finish and comfortable neck profile allow for hours of effortless playability. Experience the magic of a handcrafted guitar without breaking your budget!


โœ… Solid cedar top for rich and warm tones
โœ… Handcrafted in Canada with meticulous attention to detail
โœ… Semi-gloss finish enhances tonal resonance


โŒ Limited onboard electronics options
โŒ Some players may prefer a brighter sound
โŒ The nut and saddle may require slight adjustments for optimal action

5. Ibanez AC340CE OM Guitar: Elegance and Performance ๐ŸŽธ

The Ibanez AC340CE OM Guitar combines elegant aesthetics with outstanding performance. With its solid mahogany top and mahogany back and sides, it delivers a warm and balanced tone that suits a variety of playing styles. The Fishman Sonicore pickup and Ibanez AEQ-SP2 preamp ensure excellent amplified sound. If you seek a visually striking guitar that delivers on all fronts, the AC340CE wonโ€™t disappoint!


โœ… Solid mahogany top for warm and balanced tones
โœ… Sleek cutaway design allows easy access to higher frets
โœ… Built-in tuner and EQ for precise control over amplified sound


โŒ Slightly higher action compared to some guitars
โŒ The gloss finish may show fingerprints easily
โŒ Some players may prefer a wider neck profile

6. Taylor 114CE OM Guitar: Unmatched Value and Quality ๐ŸŽน

The Taylor 114CE OM Guitar is a true representation of Taylorโ€™s commitment to craftsmanship and playability. The solid Sitka spruce top combined with layered walnut back and sides produces a balanced and articulate tone. The Expression System 2 pickup captures every nuance, ensuring exceptional amplified sound. With its renowned build quality and attention to detail, this guitar is a testament to Taylorโ€™s reputation.


โœ… Solid Sitka spruce top for balanced and articulate tones
โœ… Expression System 2 pickup delivers natural amplified sound
โœ… Exceptional build quality and attention to detail


โŒ Higher price compared to other budget options
โŒ Limited color choices available
โŒ Heavier compared to some competitors

7. Washburn WD150SW OM Guitar: Vintage Vibe, Modern Performance ๐ŸŽน

For those seeking a vintage-inspired instrument, the Washburn WD150SW OM Guitar hits all the right notes. With its solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides, it offers a familiar and timeless tone. The vintage-style V neck profile provides a comfortable playing experience, perfect for chord strumming or intricate fingerpicking. Let this guitar transport you to an era of classic acoustic sound!


โœ… Solid spruce top for a classic and timeless tone
โœ… Vintage-style V neck profile offers comfortable playability
โœ… Grover open-gear tuners provide accurate and stable tuning


โŒ Limited onboard electronics options
โŒ The action may require slight adjustment for optimal playability
โŒ Some players may prefer a brighter sound

Complete Comparison Table for Best Budget OM Guitars

Guitar Model Top Wood Body Wood Electronics Price Range
Yamaha FG800 Solid Spruce Nato/Okume No $200-$300
Fender CD-60SCE Solid Spruce Mahogany Fishman $300-$400
Epiphone AJ-220SCE Solid Mahogany Select Mahogany Shadow $300-$400
Seagull S6 Original Solid Cedar Wild Cherry No $400-$500
Ibanez AC340CE Solid Mahogany Mahogany Fishman $500-$600
Taylor 114CE Solid Sitka Spruce Layered Walnut ES2 $800-$900
Washburn WD150SW Solid Spruce Mahogany No $500-$600

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can I use these guitars for live performances?

Absolutely! While some models come with built-in electronics, others can be easily amplified using external pickups or microphones.

2. Are these guitars suitable for beginners?

Definitely! These budget OM guitars offer excellent playability and sound quality, making them ideal for beginners and experienced players alike.

3. Can I replace the strings with my preferred brand?

Yes, you can replace the strings on these guitars with your preferred brand and gauge to suit your playing style.

4. How often should I get my budget OM guitar professionally set up?

It is recommended to have your guitar professionally set up at least once a year to ensure optimal playability and intonation.

5. Can I use a budget OM guitar for recording purposes?

Absolutely! These guitars offer excellent tone and projection, making them suitable for both live performances and studio recordings.

6. Are there left-handed options available for these guitars?

Yes, most of these guitars are available in left-handed versions to cater to left-handed players.

7. Do these guitars come with a case or gig bag?

Most of these guitars do not come with a case or gig bag included. However, it is advisable to invest in a suitable case or gig bag for protection and transportation purposes.

8. Can I adjust the action on these guitars?

Yes, the action can be adjusted by a professional luthier to suit your personal preference and playing style.

9. Are these guitars suitable for fingerpicking?

Absolutely! These budget OM guitars offer a balanced tone and comfortable playability, making them ideal for fingerpicking styles.

10. Can I install an additional pickup on these guitars?

Yes, these guitars can accommodate additional pickups or soundhole pickups for increased versatility.

11. Are these guitars made with sustainable materials?

Some of these guitars are made with sustainable materials, but it is advisable to refer to each manufacturerโ€™s specifications for detailed information.

12. Can I play different genres of music on these guitars?

Definitely! These budget OM guitars are versatile instruments suitable for various genres, including folk, rock, blues, and more.

13. Do these guitars require frequent tuning?

Like any other acoustic guitar, these instruments may require occasional tuning due to factors such as humidity and temperature changes.

Conclusion: Choose Your Melodic Companion Today!

There you have it, folks! Weโ€™ve explored the world of the 7 best budget OM guitars that combine exceptional quality, playability, and affordability. Whether youโ€™re a beginner or a seasoned guitarist, these instruments offer an avenue for self-expression and musical exploration. With their unique characteristics and outstanding features, they are bound to inspire and accompany you through countless melodies.

Donโ€™t let budget constraints hold you back from unleashing your musical potential. Choose the best budget OM guitar that resonates with you, and embark on a magical journey filled with harmonious melodies. Your musical destiny awaits!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on research and personal opinions. Prices and availability may vary. Please check with authorized retailers or manufacturers for the most up-to-date information.

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