best easy acoustic guitar songs to learn


Hey there, guitar enthusiasts! Are you ready to strum your way to musical mastery? In this article, we’re going to explore the world of acoustic guitar and discover the 7 best easy acoustic guitar songs to learn. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate player, these songs will help you hone your skills and bring joy to your audience. So grab your guitar, find a cozy spot, and let’s dive into the world of melodious strings!

The Advantages of Learning Easy Acoustic Guitar Songs

🎸 1. Accessible Learning Curve: Easy acoustic guitar songs provide an ideal starting point for beginners, allowing them to grasp the basics of chord progressions, strumming patterns, and rhythm at a comfortable pace.

🎸 2. Quick Progression: Learning easy songs enables you to make noticeable progress in a short span of time. This boosts your motivation and encourages you to continue your musical journey.

🎸 3. Confidence Boost: Mastering simple songs builds your confidence as a guitarist, giving you the drive to tackle more complex compositions and explore different genres.

🎸 4. Engaging Practice: Easy acoustic guitar songs are often fun and enjoyable to play, making your practice sessions more engaging and less monotonous.

🎸 5. Social Interaction: These songs are often crowd-pleasers, allowing you to impress and connect with others through music. They make great additions to casual jam sessions or campfire gatherings.

🎸 6. Songwriting Inspiration: Exploring easy songs inspires budding songwriters, helping them understand song structures, chord progressions, and lyrical arrangements.

🎸 7. Foundation for Technique: Mastering the basics through easy songs lays a strong foundation for developing advanced techniques, such as fingerpicking and complex strumming patterns.

The Disadvantages of Learning Easy Acoustic Guitar Songs

🎸 1. Limited Complexity: While easy songs are great for beginners, they may not provide the challenge and depth desired by more advanced players looking to push their boundaries.

🎸 2. Repetitive Chord Progressions: Some easy songs may rely on simplistic chord progressions, leading to a sense of monotony after prolonged practice.

🎸 3. Limited Musical Diversity: Easy songs often cater to a specific genre or style, which may restrict the exposure to different musical genres and their unique techniques.

🎸 4. Lack of Technical Growth: While these songs help you develop fundamental skills, they may not offer opportunities to explore advanced guitar techniques or complex musical arrangements.

🎸 5. Reduced Creative Expression: When exclusively focusing on easy songs, there is a possibility of neglecting the exploration of creative songwriting and personal expression.

🎸 6. Limited Progress Evaluation: Easy songs might not provide sufficient challenges to gauge your progress accurately, making it harder to assess your growth as a guitarist.

🎸 7. Skill Plateau: If you solely rely on easy songs for too long, you might find yourself stuck in a skill plateau, limiting your musical growth and potential.

Table: Best Easy Acoustic Guitar Songs to Learn

Title Artist Difficulty Level
1. Wonderwall Oasis Easy
2. Hey There Delilah Plain White T’s Easy
3. Horse with No Name America Easy
4. Tears in Heaven Eric Clapton Intermediate
5. Hotel California Eagles Intermediate
6. Brown Eyed Girl Van Morrison Easy
7. Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd Intermediate

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can I learn these songs even if I am a complete beginner?

Yes! These songs have been chosen specifically for beginners, so you can confidently start learning them without prior experience.

2. Are there any recommended online resources for learning these songs?

Absolutely! There are numerous websites, YouTube tutorials, and even guitar lesson apps that provide step-by-step guidance for each of these songs.

3. How long does it usually take to learn one of these songs?

The learning duration varies depending on your dedication, practice time, and previous experience. However, with consistent practice, you can expect to play these songs within a few weeks or even days.

4. What if I struggle with a specific chord or technique?

No worries! Each song presents an opportunity to practice different chords and techniques. If you encounter difficulties, break down the challenging parts and practice them slowly until you feel comfortable.

5. Can I modify these songs to fit my personal style?

Absolutely! Once you’ve mastered the original versions, feel free to experiment with different strumming patterns, fingerpicking styles, or even incorporate your own unique flair.

6. Are there any specific acoustic guitar types recommended for learning these songs?

No, these songs can be played on any type of acoustic guitar, whether it’s a steel-string or nylon-string guitar.

7. Can I perform these songs at open mic nights or gigs?

Definitely! These songs are well-known classics that can captivate any audience. Performing them at open mic nights or gigs is a great way to showcase your skills and entertain the crowd.

8. Can I transpose these songs to a different key?

Absolutely! Transposing songs allows you to adjust them to a comfortable singing range or experiment with different chord voicings.

9. Are there any recommended warm-up exercises before practicing these songs?

Yes, warm-up exercises are essential to prepare your fingers and improve dexterity. Basic finger stretching exercises and simple chord progressions can be great warm-ups.

10. Should I focus on one song at a time or learn multiple songs simultaneously?

It’s up to you! Some individuals prefer focusing on one song at a time to fully master it, while others enjoy learning multiple songs simultaneously to keep their practice sessions diverse.

11. Are these songs suitable for playing at weddings or special occasions?

Yes! Songs like “Wonderwall” and “Hey There Delilah” are often requested and can create a beautiful ambiance at weddings or special events.

12. Can these songs be played on an electric guitar as well?

Definitely! While these songs are traditionally performed on an acoustic guitar, they can be adapted and played on an electric guitar without any issues.

13. What should I do if I face difficulties in strumming rhythmically?

If you struggle with strumming rhythms, start by practicing the song at a slower tempo. Gradually increase the speed as you feel more comfortable and develop a solid sense of timing.


Congratulations! You’ve now discovered the 7 best easy acoustic guitar songs to learn. By exploring these songs, you’ll enhance your musical abilities, gain confidence as a guitarist, and have a repertoire of crowd-pleasing tunes to impress your audience. Remember, practicing consistently and enjoying the learning process is key to unlocking your full potential. So pick up your guitar, dive into these songs, and let your musical journey begin!

Closing Statement

Disclaimer: Learning the guitar requires consistent practice, patience, and dedication. Results may vary depending on individual practice habits and previous experience. Remember to warm up properly before each practice session to avoid strain or injury. Always consult with a professional music instructor for personalized guidance and techniques. Enjoy your musical journey and keep strumming!

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