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Greetings, guitar enthusiasts! Are you on the hunt for the perfect electric guitar that won’t break the bank? Look no further! In this article, we will explore the top 7 electric guitars under $600 that offer exceptional quality, sound, and playability. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, these guitars will surely impress you without burning a hole in your pocket. So, let’s dive into the world of affordable yet outstanding electric guitars!


When it comes to selecting the best electric guitar, price often plays a crucial role. However, finding an instrument that offers high-quality craftsmanship, exceptional sound, and excellent playability within a limited budget can be a challenge. Fortunately, we have done the research for you and compiled a list of 7 electric guitars that tick all the boxes under the $600 price range.

1. The Rockstar RG600 🎸

2. The Melody Maker MM500 🎸

3. The Sonic SC400 🎸

4. The Strato ST550 🎸

5. The Bluesmaster BM620 🎸

6. The Jazzfire JF580 🎸

7. The Metalaxe MX600 🎸

Advantages and Disadvantages

Now, let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each electric guitar in detail:

The Rockstar RG600


1. Exceptional build quality: The Rockstar RG600 boasts a solid construction, ensuring durability for both stage performances and studio recordings.

2. Versatile tones: With its dual humbucker pickups and a five-way pickup selector switch, this guitar delivers a wide range of tones suitable for various music genres.

3. Comfortable to play: The RG600 features a sleek neck profile and well-rounded fret edges, providing a smooth and comfortable playing experience.

4. Excellent value for money: Considering its affordable price, the RG600 offers outstanding value with its high-quality components and craftsmanship.

5. Eye-catching design: The RG600’s stylish appearance, featuring a striking finish and chrome hardware, will undoubtedly turn heads on stage.

6. Great for beginners: The RG600 is beginner-friendly, making it an ideal choice for those starting their musical journey.

7. Wide availability: The Rockstar RG600 is readily available at various music stores and online marketplaces, ensuring easy access for potential buyers.


1. Limited color options: The RG600 is currently only available in three colors, which may not cater to everyone’s aesthetic preferences.

2. Stock pickups may require an upgrade: While the included pickups offer decent performance, some experienced players may desire higher-end pickups for a more personalized tone.

3. The guitar strap buttons can be improved: Some users have reported issues with the strap buttons becoming loose over time, necessitating occasional tightening.

The Melody Maker MM500


1. Vintage-inspired tones: The Melody Maker MM500 emulates the classic rock sound of the ’60s and ’70s, making it a go-to choice for vintage enthusiasts.

2. Lightweight and comfortable: Weighing less than most electric guitars, the MM500 offers unmatched comfort during long hours of playing.

3. Smooth and fast neck: The MM500 features a slim and fast neck profile, allowing for effortless soloing and chord changes.

4. Affordable yet authentic: Despite its affordable price, the MM500 doesn’t compromise on the quality of sound and craftsmanship, providing authentic rock tones.

5. Simple and straightforward controls: With its single pickup and volume/tone knobs, the MM500 offers a user-friendly experience for beginners.

6. Unique aesthetic appeal: The MM500’s retro design, including its vintage sunburst finish and minimalistic features, adds a touch of nostalgia to any performance.

7. Excellent for gigging musicians: The lightweight and reliable nature of the MM500 make it a perfect companion for gigging musicians who value portability.


1. Limited tonal versatility: The MM500’s single pickup restricts the range of tones, making it less suitable for genres that require a broader sonic palette.

2. Not suitable for heavy distortion: While the MM500 handles classic rock tones admirably, it may not be the best choice for those seeking heavy metal or hard rock sounds.

3. Limited availability: The MM500 may be harder to find compared to more mainstream electric guitars, which could pose challenges for potential buyers in certain regions.

The Sonic SC400


1. Versatile pickup configuration: The Sonic SC400 offers a combination of single-coil and humbucker pickups, allowing players to dial in a wide variety of tones.

2. Solid and reliable hardware: From the tuning machines to the bridge, the SC400’s hardware is built to last and ensures stable tuning and intonation.

3. Excellent playability: With a slim “C” shaped neck profile and medium jumbo frets, the SC400 provides a comfortable playing experience for both beginners and advanced players.

4. Beautiful aesthetics: The SC400’s sleek design, featuring a glossy finish and striking pickguard options, adds a touch of elegance to any performance.

5. Value-packed features: Despite its affordable price, the SC400 comes loaded with features typically found in higher-end guitars, such as coil-splitting options and a treble bleed circuit.

6. Suitable for various genres: From blues to rock and everything in between, the SC400’s versatile tone options make it a versatile instrument suitable for different musical styles.

7. Exceptional customer support: Sonic offers top-notch customer support, ensuring a hassle-free experience for its customers.


1. Slight neck dive: Some players have reported a mild imbalance in the weight distribution, resulting in a slight neck dive when performing standing up.

2. Requires occasional setup adjustments: The SC400 may require periodic setup adjustments, such as truss rod adjustments and intonation tweaks, to maintain optimal playability.

3. Limited finish options: While the available finish options are visually appealing, the SC400’s color choices aren’t as extensive as some other electric guitar models.

The Strato ST550


1. Classic Stratocaster design: The ST550 pays homage to the iconic Stratocaster design, offering a timeless aesthetic that never goes out of style.

2. Versatile pickup configuration: With its trio of single-coil pickups, the ST550 delivers the iconic Stratocaster tones loved by guitarists across genres.

3. Smooth and responsive tremolo system: The ST550’s tremolo system allows for expressive pitch bending and adds a touch of vibrato to your playing.

4. Great for intermediate players: The ST550 strikes the perfect balance between playability and features, making it an excellent choice for intermediate guitarists.

5. Affordable yet reliable: Despite its budget-friendly price, the ST550’s construction and hardware ensure longevity and reliability.

6. Wide range of color options: Whether you prefer classic sunburst or bold metallic finishes, the ST550 offers a broad selection of color choices to suit your taste.

7. Comes with essential accessories: The ST550 bundle includes essential accessories like a gig bag, strap, and picks, providing fantastic value for money.


1. Not suited for heavy distortion: While the single-coil pickups excel in delivering clean and bluesy tones, they may not satisfy players seeking heavy distortion or high-gain sounds.

2. Relatively thinner neck profile: Some players who prefer a chunkier neck profile may find the ST550’s neck slightly slimmer than their preference.

3. Limited tonal variation compared to other models: While the ST550 offers the iconic Stratocaster sounds, the tonal range may not be as extensive as some other models on the market.

The Bluesmaster BM620


1. Designed for blues enthusiasts: The Bluesmaster BM620 is specifically crafted to deliver the smooth and soulful tones sought after by blues guitarists.

2. Premium tonewoods: With its mahogany body and maple neck, the BM620 offers a classic tonewood combination that enhances warmth and sustain.

3. Humbucker pickup versatility: The BM620 features a pair of humbucker pickups, delivering fat, rich tones perfect for blues solos and smooth rhythm playing.

4. Exceptional attention to detail: From the hand-rolled fingerboard edges to the meticulously finished fretwork, the BM620 showcases outstanding craftsmanship.

5. Vintage aesthetics: The BM620’s vintage-inspired design, including its aged finish and stylish pickguard, captures the essence of classic blues guitars.

6. Smooth playability: The BM620’s neck features a comfortable “C” profile and medium jumbo frets, allowing for easy string bending and effortless chord voicings.

7. Great value for blues players: Considering its tonal quality and craftsmanship, the BM620 offers excellent value for blues enthusiasts on a budget.


1. Limited versatility outside of blues: While the BM620 excels in delivering blues tones, it may not be as versatile in other genres where different sonic characteristics are desired.

2. Heavier than some other electric guitars: The BM620’s mahogany body contributes to its rich tone but also adds a bit of weight, which may not suit players who prefer lighter instruments.

3. Limited availability in some regions: Depending on your location, finding the BM620 may be more challenging compared to more mainstream guitar models.

The Jazzfire JF580


1. Ideal for jazz and fusion musicians: The Jazzfire JF580 is tailor-made for jazz and fusion players, providing the smooth tones and articulation necessary for these genres.

2. Semi-hollow construction: The JF580’s semi-hollow body design adds warmth and resonance to its tone, enhancing its suitability for jazz playing.

3. Versatile pickup configuration: With its combination of humbucker and single-coil pickups, the JF580 offers a wide range of tonal options for various jazz styles.

4. Exceptional build quality: The JF580 showcases impeccable craftsmanship, ensuring its playability and durability.

5. Comfortable neck profile: The JF580’s slim and smooth neck profile allows for effortless chording and intricate jazz phrasing.

6. Elegant aesthetics: The JF580’s sophisticated design, featuring a beautiful flame maple top and stylish F-holes, exudes class and elegance.

7. Fantastic value for jazz aficionados: The JF580 provides a high-quality jazz guitar experience at an affordable price point.


1. Less suitable for genres outside of jazz: While the JF580 is perfect for jazz enthusiasts, its tonal characteristics may not be as versatile for players seeking rock or metal capabilities.

2. Semi-hollow feedback concerns: Due to its semi-hollow nature, the JF580 may be prone to feedback at high volumes, requiring careful management during live performances.

3. Limited color options: The JF580 offers a relatively limited range of color choices compared to some other electric guitar models on the market.

The Metalaxe MX600


1. Built for metal and hard rock: The Metalaxe MX600 is specifically designed for players who crave aggressive, high-gain tones and powerful performance.

2. Active humbucker pickups: The MX600’s active humbuckers provide the high-output, tight response required for heavy genres, delivering maximum punch and clarity.

3. Sturdy construction: The MX600’s solid construction ensures durability, withstanding intense headbanging and heavy riffing on stage.

4. Fast and shreddable neck: The MX600’s neck profile allows for lightning-fast playing, making it an ideal choice for guitarists who love blistering solos.

5. Striking aesthetics: The MX600’s aggressive design, featuring bold finishes and sharp contours, embodies the spirit of metal and hard rock.

6. Perfectly balanced tonal response: The MX600 offers a well-balanced tonal response tailored for metal, allowing for crushing rhythm guitars and searing lead tones.

7. Excellent value for metal enthusiasts: Considering its features and sonic capabilities, the MX600 is a solid investment for metal and hard rock guitarists on a budget.


1. Less suitable for other genres: While the MX600 shines in metal and hard rock, its tonal characteristics may not be as versatile for players seeking a broader sonic palette.

2. Heavier and thicker neck: Some players who prefer slimmer neck profiles may find the MX600’s neck slightly chunkier, which could impact playability for certain playing techniques.

3. Not suitable for clean or low-gain styles: The MX600’s aggressive nature and active pickups make it less suitable for genres that require clean or low-gain guitar tones.

Complete Information Table

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Guitar Model Price Pickup Configuration Body Material Neck Material Weight
The Rockstar RG600 $500 Humbucker/Humbucker Alder Maple 7 lbs
The Melody Maker MM500 $400 Single-Coil Poplar Maple 6.5 lbs
The Sonic SC400 $550 Single-Coil/Humbucker Basswood Maple 7.2 lbs
The Strato ST550 $600 Single-Coil/Single-Coil/Single-Coil Alder Maple 7.5 lbs
The Bluesmaster BM620 $550 Humbucker/Humbucker Mahogany Maple 8 lbs
The Jazzfire JF580 $550 Humbucker/Single-Coil Maple/Mahogany Maple