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An Introduction to Electro Acoustic Guitars

Hey there, guitar enthusiasts! Are you in search of a high-quality electro acoustic guitar that won’t break the bank? Look no further! In this article, we’ve curated a list of the 7 best electro acoustic guitars available on the market for under $1000. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, these guitars are sure to impress with their impeccable sound, craftsmanship, and versatility. So, let’s dive in and discover your next musical companion!

1. Yamaha A3R Dreadnought


The Yamaha A3R Dreadnought is a top contender in the electro acoustic guitar realm. With its solid Sitka spruce top, rosewood back and sides, and cutting-edge SRT electronics, this guitar offers a rich and dynamic tone both acoustically and when plugged in. Its versatile playability makes it suitable for various genres, from rock to folk.

2. Taylor 214ce Deluxe Grand Auditorium


Combining exquisite craftsmanship and affordability, the Taylor 214ce Deluxe Grand Auditorium is perfect for those seeking a well-rounded electro acoustic guitar. Its solid Sitka spruce top, layered rosewood back and sides, and Expression System 2 electronics deliver exceptional sound quality and projection. The sleek neck profile ensures comfortable playability, making it a favorite among professionals and beginners alike.

3. Martin Road Series DRS1


The Martin Road Series DRS1 offers a blend of traditional design and modern features. This dreadnought-style guitar boasts a solid Sapele top, sides, and back, providing warm and balanced tones. Equipped with Fishman Sonitone electronics, this guitar sounds remarkable when amplified. Its durability, affordability, and iconic Martin craftsmanship make it an excellent choice for enthusiasts in search of a genuine Martin experience.

4. Fender CC-60SCE Concert Acoustic-Electric


If you prefer a smaller body style without compromising on sound quality, the Fender CC-60SCE Concert Acoustic-Electric is worth considering. With its solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides, and Fishman electronics, this guitar delivers a crisp and articulate tone. The concert-sized body provides excellent playability, making it an ideal choice for fingerstyle players and those with smaller hands.

5. Seagull Artist Mosaic EQ


The Seagull Artist Mosaic EQ is a true gem in the electro acoustic guitar category. Crafted with a solid cedar top, mahogany back and sides, and LR Baggs Anthem electronics, this guitar produces a warm and rich sound, perfect for fingerpicking and strumming alike. Its attention to detail, impeccable build quality, and stunning aesthetics make it an instrument to be cherished for years to come.

6. Gibson Songwriter Cutaway Studio


For those seeking a premium electro acoustic guitar under $1000, the Gibson Songwriter Cutaway Studio is an exceptional choice. This instrument boasts a solid Sitka spruce top, rosewood back and sides, and LR Baggs VTC electronics. With its powerful and well-balanced tone, this guitar excels in every genre, whether you’re performing on stage or recording in the studio. Its elegant design and superior craftsmanship make it a true work of art.

7. Ibanez AE245JR


The Ibanez AE245JR is a budget-friendly electro acoustic guitar that doesn’t compromise on quality. Featuring a solid mahogany top, sapele back and sides, and Fishman Sonicore pickup and Ibanez AEQ-SP2 preamp, this guitar offers a warm and resonant tone. Its compact and comfortable body size makes it an excellent choice for traveling musicians and those with smaller physiques. The AE245JR proves that affordability doesn’t mean sacrificing performance.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Electro Acoustic Guitars Under $1000


1. Superior Sound Quality: These guitars offer impressive sound projection and tonal balance, ensuring an immersive musical experience.

2. Versatility: Whether you’re playing in a band or practicing at home, these guitars are versatile enough to adapt to different musical styles.

3. Reliable Electronics: The built-in electronics in these guitars allow for effortless amplification and are perfect for live performances or recording sessions.

4. Affordable Luxury: Despite their affordable price range, these electro acoustic guitars boast premium materials, expert craftsmanship, and stunning aesthetics.

5. Playability: Designed with comfort in mind, these guitars feature sleek neck profiles and smooth fretboards, making them enjoyable to play for extended periods.

6. Portability: Compact and lightweight, these guitars are ideal for traveling musicians or those who frequently perform in different venues.

7. Great Value for Money: These guitars offer excellent quality and performance at a fraction of the price of high-end models.


1. Limited Customization Options: Unlike more expensive guitars, customizing features and options may be limited in this price range.

2. Tone Variation: While these guitars produce remarkable sound quality, they may not offer the same level of tonal complexity and nuance as higher-priced instruments.

3. Build Quality: Some guitars in this range may have imperfections in craftsmanship or structural integrity, although this is rare among reputable brands.

4. Resale Value: In general, guitars in this price range may not retain their resale value as well as high-end models, but this shouldn’t be a major concern if you plan to enjoy your instrument for years to come.

5. Limited Brand Prestige: If brand reputation is a significant factor for you, some high-end guitar brands may not have options available in this price range.

6. Less Exotic Wood Choices: While these guitars offer a variety of tonewoods, the selection may be more limited compared to higher-priced models.

7. Potential for Lower Durability: Affordable guitars may not be as durable as higher-priced models, so proper care and maintenance are essential to ensure longevity.

Best Electro Acoustic Guitars Under $1000 Comparison Table

Guitar Model Top Wood Back & Sides Wood Electronics
Yamaha A3R Dreadnought Solid Sitka Spruce Rosewood SRT Electronics
Taylor 214ce Deluxe Grand Auditorium Solid Sitka Spruce Layered Rosewood Expression System 2
Martin Road Series DRS1 Solid Sapele Sapele Fishman Sonitone
Fender CC-60SCE Concert Acoustic-Electric Solid Spruce Mahogany Fishman
Seagull Artist Mosaic EQ Solid Cedar Mahogany LR Baggs Anthem
Gibson Songwriter Cutaway Studio Solid Sitka Spruce Rosewood LR Baggs VTC
Ibanez AE245JR Solid Mahogany Sapele Fishman Sonicore/Ibanez AEQ-SP2

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are electro acoustic guitars suitable for beginners?


Electro acoustic guitars can certainly be a great choice for beginners. They offer the flexibility of playing acoustically or plugging into an amplifier, allowing beginners to experiment with different sounds and styles as they progress.

2. Do all electro acoustic guitars come with built-in electronics?


No, not all electro acoustic guitars come with built-in electronics. It’s essential to check the specifications of the guitar you’re interested in to ensure it has the desired electronic capabilities.

3. Can I use an electro acoustic guitar for live performances?


Absolutely! Electro acoustic guitars are designed to be played both in intimate settings and on stage. The built-in electronics allow you to easily connect to an amplifier or sound system, ensuring your music reaches the entire audience.

4. Are these guitars suitable for professional musicians?


While these guitars fall into the mid-range price category, they are more than capable of meeting the demands of professional musicians. Many renowned artists choose these guitars for their exceptional sound, reliability, and affordability.

5. Can I record with an electro acoustic guitar?


Absolutely! These guitars offer the versatility of being recorded either acoustically or through the built-in electronics. They are a popular choice among studio musicians due to their balanced tone and the ability to capture their true sound.

6. Are there any additional accessories I should consider purchasing?


Yes, there are a few essential accessories to consider, such as a guitar tuner, strings, a guitar stand or case, and a strap. These accessories will enhance your playing experience and help you take care of your new electro acoustic guitar.

7. Can I play different genres of music on these guitars?


Absolutely! These guitars are incredibly versatile and can handle various genres, including rock, folk, blues, country, and more. Their balanced tone and exceptional playability make them suitable for a wide range of musical styles.

8. Can I customize these guitars to suit my preferences?


While these guitars may have limited customization options, you can still personalize them to some extent. You can change the strings, add a pickup or different electronics, or even have a luthier make specific modifications for you.

9. Do these guitars come with a warranty?


Yes, most reputable guitar manufacturers provide warranties for their instruments. It’s essential to check the warranty information before making a purchase to ensure your investment is protected.

10. Can I find these guitars in local music stores?


Yes, many local music stores carry a selection of electro acoustic guitars, including those under $1000. It’s recommended to visit your nearest store and try out different models to find the one that suits your preferences.

11. Can I buy these guitars online?


Yes, these guitars are widely available for purchase online. Trusted websites and online marketplaces offer a vast range of options, making it convenient to explore and purchase your preferred electro acoustic guitar.

12. Can I trust the sound quality of these affordable guitars?


Definitely! The guitars featured in this article are carefully chosen for their exceptional sound quality. Reputable brands prioritize delivering great sound at various price points, so you can trust that these guitars will exceed your expectations.

13. Are these guitars suitable for gigging musicians?


Absolutely! These guitars are perfect for gigging musicians due to their reliable electronics, exceptional sound projection, and durability. They are built to withstand the demands of regular performances and provide a consistent and impressive performance every time.



There you have it, folks! The 7 best electro acoustic guitars under $1000 that are guaranteed to elevate your musical journey. These instruments offer remarkable sound quality, excellent playability, and reliable electronics, all without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional musician, these guitars will accompany you through endless hours of playing, recording, and performing. So, don’t hesitate to make your choice and embark on an incredible musical adventure with any of these amazing guitars. Start strumming and let the music flow!

Closing Statement


Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on extensive research and personal opinions. Prices and availability might vary depending on the region and time. It’s always recommended to visit reputable music stores or verified online sellers to ensure the accuracy of the information and make an informed purchase decision. Remember to take into consideration your own preferences, playing style, and budget when choosing a guitar.

Now that you’re armed with all the knowledge about the best electro acoustic guitars under $1000, it’s time to take action! Visit your local music store or explore trusted online marketplaces to find the perfect match for your musical aspirations. Remember, investing in a quality guitar is an investment in your musical journey. So, grab your new guitar and let your creativity soar as you strum the strings and create beautiful melodies. Happy playing!

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