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Hello, music enthusiasts! Welcome to this comprehensive guide on the best guitar chorus pedal ever. If you’re looking to add that mesmerizing, swirling effect to your guitar sound, a chorus pedal is an absolute must-have. In this article, we will explore seven of the top-notch chorus pedals available in the market today, each offering its unique features and tonal capabilities. So, buckle up and prepare to dive deep into the world of chorus pedals!

1. Boss CE-2W Waza Craft Chorus Pedal 🎶

The Boss CE-2W Waza Craft Chorus Pedal is a perfect blend of vintage charm and modern versatility. It faithfully recreates the iconic chorus sound of the original CE-2 while offering additional stereo output and enhanced control over the effect parameters. Its lush, warm tones make it a favorite among many professional guitarists.

2. Strymon Mobius Modulation Pedal 📱

For those seeking a chorus pedal that goes above and beyond, the Strymon Mobius Modulation Pedal is a true game-changer. With its immense range of chorus and modulation effects, it provides unparalleled flexibility and sonic exploration. The Mobius offers studio-grade sound quality and an intuitive user interface, making it a top choice for both live performances and studio recordings.

3. Electro-Harmonix Small Clone Chorus Pedal 🎤

If simplicity and affordability are what you desire, look no further than the Electro-Harmonix Small Clone Chorus Pedal. Loved by many for its rich and lush chorus tones, this pedal has been a staple on pedalboards for decades. Its straightforward controls and robust build quality make it an excellent choice for beginners and professionals alike.

4. MXR M234 Analog Chorus Pedal 🎵

The MXR M234 Analog Chorus Pedal is renowned for its warm and organic analog chorus tones. It features a simple control layout that allows players to dial in their desired chorus sound effortlessly. With its bucket brigade circuitry, this pedal delivers a vintage-inspired chorus effect that adds depth and dimension to your guitar tone.

5. TC Electronic Corona Chorus Pedal 🎼

The TC Electronic Corona Chorus Pedal is a versatile and feature-rich chorus pedal packed with innovation. It offers a wide array of chorus sounds, ranging from subtle and transparent to lush and shimmering. With its TonePrint technology, you can even customize and download artist presets, giving you endless tonal possibilities.

6. Fulltone Choralflange Chorus/Flanger Pedal 🎹

For those looking to experiment with unique tonal textures, the Fulltone Choralflange Chorus/Flanger Pedal is an exceptional choice. This pedal combines the lushness of a chorus with the swirling characteristics of a flanger, creating a mesmerizing sonic experience. Its high-quality components and versatile control options make it a favorite among many guitarists.

7. Eventide ModFactor Modulation Pedal 🎹

Last but not least, the Eventide ModFactor Modulation Pedal is a powerhouse of modulation effects, including sublime chorus tones. With its studio-grade algorithms and extensive control options, this pedal offers an incredible range of chorus sounds. Whether you’re after classic chorus tones or experimental sonic landscapes, the ModFactor has got you covered.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Best Guitar Chorus Pedal Ever


1. Enhanced tonal depth and dimension: A chorus pedal adds a captivating depth and width to your guitar sound, making it more vibrant and captivating.

2. Versatility for different playing styles: These pedals offer a wide range of chorus effects, allowing guitarists to find the perfect sound for any musical genre or playing style.

3. Expressive and dynamic performance: With the ability to control the rate, depth, and intensity of the chorus effect, guitarists can add nuances and dynamics to their playing, providing a more expressive performance.

4. Flanger and modulation possibilities: Some chorus pedals, like the Fulltone Choralflange, offer additional flanger or modulation effects, expanding the sonic palette and opening up creative opportunities.

5. Preset options for convenience: Many modern chorus pedals come with preset options, allowing guitarists to save and recall their favorite chorus tones effortlessly.

6. Stereo output for expansive soundscapes: Several chorus pedals provide stereo outputs, enabling a wider and more immersive sound experience, particularly in a studio or live setting.

7. Integration with other effects pedals: Chorus pedals can be easily combined with other effects pedals, such as delay or reverb, to create lush and atmospheric guitar sounds.


1. Learning curve for optimal settings: It may take some time and experimentation to find the perfect chorus settings that complement your playing style and guitar setup.

2. Potential tone coloring: Some cheaper or poorly designed chorus pedals may alter the overall tone of your guitar, resulting in a less desirable sound.

3. Limited control options on some models: While many chorus pedals offer extensive control over the effect parameters, some budget-friendly models may have limited options for customization.

4. Dependence on power supply: Like most guitar pedals, chorus pedals require a power source, either battery or external adapter, which may add to the overall cost and complexity of your setup.

5. Not suitable for all musical genres: While chorus is a versatile effect, it may not be suitable for every musical style. Players aiming for a specific, vintage sound may find chorus pedals less appealing.

6. Noise and signal degradation: Depending on the quality of the pedal, some chorus effects may introduce noise or signal degradation to your guitar signal chain.

7. Personal taste and subjective preferences: Ultimately, the choice of the best guitar chorus pedal ever depends on personal preferences, playing style, and the desired tonal characteristics.

Best Guitar Chorus Pedal Specifications

Chorus Pedal Brand Price Controls Power Dimensions
Boss CE-2W Waza Craft Boss $199 Rate, Depth, Mix 9V DC power supply 2.87″ x 5.12″ x 2.36″
Strymon Mobius Strymon $449 Multiple controls, presets 9V DC power supply 6.75″ x 5.10″ x 1.75″
Electro-Harmonix Small Clone Electro-Harmonix $82 Rate, Depth 9V battery or power supply 3.6″ x 4.75″ x 2.75″
MXR M234 Analog Chorus MXR $99 Rate, Depth, Mix 9V battery or power supply 5.5″ x 2.5″ x 4.5″
TC Electronic Corona TC Electronic $129 Speed, Depth, FX Level 9V battery or power supply 4.8″ x 2.8″ x 2.0″
Fulltone Choralflange Fulltone $185 Speed, Width, Delay Time 9V battery or power supply 5.75″ x 3.5″ x 2.5″
Eventide ModFactor Eventide $399 Multiple controls, presets 9V DC power supply 7.5″ x 5.25″ x 2.12″

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Guitar Chorus Pedal Ever

1. Can I use a chorus pedal with other instruments?

Yes, absolutely! While chorus pedals are commonly associated with guitars, they can be used with various instruments, including keyboards and bass guitars, to add a captivating modulation effect.

2. Can I achieve a vibrato effect with a chorus pedal?

Yes, many chorus pedals offer a vibrato mode that can be activated by manipulating the depth or rate controls. This allows you to create a pitch modulation effect similar to a vibrato.

3. Should I place the chorus pedal before or after my distortion pedal?

The placement of the chorus pedal depends on your desired sound. Placing it before a distortion pedal will result in a more pronounced and swirling effect, while placing it after the distortion pedal will produce a smoother and more subtle chorus sound.

4. Are digital chorus pedals better than analog ones?

Both digital and analog chorus pedals have their merits. Digital pedals offer more versatility and precise control, while analog pedals provide a warmer and more organic sound. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and the desired tone.

5. Can a chorus pedal emulate other modulation effects like flanger or phaser?

While a chorus pedal primarily focuses on creating a chorus effect, some models like the Fulltone Choralflange mentioned earlier offer additional flanger or phaser capabilities, allowing you to experiment with a broader range of modulation effects.

6. How does stereo output enhance the chorus effect?

Stereo output allows for a wider and more immersive sound field, especially when using two amplifiers or recording in stereo. It creates a spacious and enveloping chorus effect, enhancing the overall listening experience.

7. Can I achieve a Leslie speaker effect with a chorus pedal?

While a chorus pedal can add a sense of spatial movement to your sound, it might not fully replicate the complex characteristics of a Leslie speaker. Dedicated rotary speaker simulators or specific effects pedals are often used to achieve a more authentic Leslie speaker effect.

8. Can I run multiple chorus pedals in my signal chain?

Yes, you can run multiple chorus pedals in your signal chain to create layered or unique chorus effects. Experimentation is key to finding the right combination and settings for your desired sound.

9. What is the best chorus pedal for shoegaze music?

Shoegaze music often relies heavily on lush and atmospheric guitar tones. Chorus pedals like the Strymon Mobius or Eventide ModFactor mentioned above, with their wide range of chorus and modulation effects, are popular choices among shoegaze guitarists.

10. Can I use a chorus pedal for recording?

Absolutely! Chorus pedals can be incredibly useful in the studio environment. They add depth and character to recorded guitar tracks, making them sound fuller and more captivating.

11. Should I choose a chorus pedal with true bypass?

True bypass ensures that the guitar signal remains unaffected when the chorus pedal is switched off, eliminating any potential tone loss or unwanted coloration. It’s generally recommended to opt for pedals with true bypass to maintain the integrity of your tone.

12. Are there chorus pedals suitable for acoustic guitars?

Yes, there are chorus pedals specifically designed for acoustic guitars. These pedals often feature a more subtle and transparent chorus effect, tailored to enhance the natural tone of acoustic instruments without overpowering them.

13. Can a chorus pedal emulate the sound of a 12-string guitar?

While a chorus pedal can add some depth and width to your sound, it cannot fully replicate the distinctive jangle of a 12-string guitar. However, using a chorus pedal can help create a similar lushness and shimmer associated with 12-string guitars.


After exploring the seven best guitar chorus pedals ever, it’s evident that there is a diverse range of options available to suit every guitarist’s preferences and needs. Whether you’re after vintage warmth, versatile modulation, or unique sonic textures, there’s a chorus pedal out there for you.

Remember, choosing the right chorus pedal is a subjective process that depends on your playing style, desired tone, and budget. Consider the advantages and disadvantages discussed earlier, explore user reviews, and feel free to experiment before making your final decision.

So, take your guitar playing to new heights with the enchanting sounds of a chorus pedal. Unleash your creativity, add depth to your compositions, and embark on a sonic journey like never before!

Disclaimer: The prices and specifications mentioned in this article are subject to change. We recommend visiting the manufacturers’ websites or authorized dealers to get the most up-to-date information.

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