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Hello everyone! If you are passionate about playing the guitar or looking to start your musical journey, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will explore the top seven best free online guitar courses available. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, these courses offer valuable resources to enhance your skills. So, let’s dive in and discover the best options to elevate your guitar-playing abilities!

1. Guitar Lessons by JustinGuitar 🎸

JustinGuitar is an exceptional online platform that offers comprehensive guitar lessons for free. With over 1,000 lessons, ranging from absolute beginner to advanced techniques, this course provides a structured and engaging learning experience. Justin Sandercoe, the talented instructor, breaks down complex concepts into digestible segments, fostering rapid progress for learners of all levels.


– Extensive range of lessons catering to various skill levels and genres.

– Well-structured curriculum ensures a systematic learning experience.

– Detailed video tutorials with precise explanations and demonstrations.

– Interactive community and forum for additional support and guidance.

– Regularly updated content to keep up with evolving guitar trends.

– Mobile-friendly website for convenient access on-the-go.

– Free downloadable resources, including chord charts and practice schedules.


– Some advanced lessons might require a premium subscription.

– Limited personal interaction with the instructor.

– Online-only format may not suit those preferring in-person lessons.

2. Coursera’s Guitar for Beginners 🎶

Coursera offers an excellent entry-level guitar course called “Guitar for Beginners.” Led by Rich Severson, an experienced guitarist, this course provides step-by-step instructions for beginners to understand the fundamentals of playing the guitar. From basic chords to strumming patterns, this course equips learners with a strong foundation to progress further.


– Well-structured curriculum designed specifically for beginners.

– High-quality video lessons with multiple camera angles for clarity.

– Interactive quizzes and assignments for hands-on practice.

– Weekly time commitments to ensure a consistent learning pace.

– Access to a community of fellow learners for collaboration.

– Certificate of completion available for a nominal fee.

– Option to audit the course for free, accessing all materials without certification.


– Limited advanced content for those seeking more challenging material.

– Requires a reliable internet connection for uninterrupted learning.

– Lack of personalized feedback from instructors.


Now that you’ve explored the top seven best free online guitar courses, it’s time to pick one that suits your preferences and start your musical journey. Remember, consistency and practice are key to mastering the guitar. So, choose a course that resonates with your learning style and commit to regular practice sessions.

Don’t forget to leverage the vast array of free resources available online, such as YouTube tutorials, forums, and apps, to enhance your learning experience. Surround yourself with fellow guitar enthusiasts who can motivate and inspire you along the way.

So, grab your guitar, tune those strings, and embark on a melodic adventure filled with endless possibilities. The world of music awaits your creative touch!

Closing Statement

In conclusion, while these free online guitar courses offer incredible value and resources, it’s important to remember that they should supplement your learning journey, not replace personalized instruction or mentorship. Consider seeking guidance from a professional guitar teacher for a more tailored and comprehensive learning experience.

Additionally, it’s crucial to practice patience and perseverance when learning the guitar. Skills develop over time with consistent effort and dedication. Embrace the challenges, celebrate the small victories, and enjoy the joy of creating beautiful melodies.

Remember, the key is to have fun while learning and playing the guitar. Let your passion for music guide you, and with the right resources and determination, you can achieve great heights in your guitar-playing journey. So, strum those strings, embrace the rhythm, and let your melodies soar!

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