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Hey there, guitar enthusiasts! Are you looking for the best free online guitar lessons on YouTube? Look no further, as we have curated a list of the top 7 free guitar lessons channels that will take your guitar-playing skills to new heights. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player, these YouTube channels offer a wide range of tutorials, techniques, and tips to help you master the guitar. So grab your guitar and let’s dive into the world of free online guitar lessons!

1. Guitar Lessons with Justin

🎸 Justin has gained immense popularity on YouTube for his comprehensive guitar lesson tutorials. His channel covers various genres, techniques, and even song tutorials. With easy-to-follow videos and detailed explanations, Justin’s lessons are perfect for beginners.

🎯 Advantages:

1. Wide range of lessons covering different genres and techniques.

2. Step-by-step approach suitable for beginners.

3. Song tutorials for popular tracks.

4. Active community for Q&A.

❌ Disadvantages:

1. Advanced players may find the content too basic.

2. Limited focus on specific styles or techniques.

3. Not all song tutorials are available for free.

2. Marty Music

🎸 Marty Schwartz, with his energetic and engaging teaching style, has amassed a huge following on YouTube. His channel offers a variety of lessons, from basic chords to advanced techniques, making it suitable for guitarists of all levels.

🎯 Advantages:

1. Clear and concise lessons suitable for beginners and intermediates.

2. Extensive collection of song tutorials.

3. Covers various genres and styles.

4. Regularly uploads new content.

❌ Disadvantages:

1. Advanced players may find the content too basic.

2. Limited focus on specific techniques.

3. Some lessons require a premium membership.

3. Andy Guitar

🎸 Andy’s Guitar YouTube channel is known for its beginner-friendly approach and well-structured lessons. With a focus on popular songs and practical techniques, Andy Guitar is perfect for those starting their guitar journey.

🎯 Advantages:

1. Beginner-friendly lessons with a step-by-step approach.

2. Detailed song tutorials.

3. Covers a wide variety of popular songs.

4. Offers a comprehensive beginner’s course on his website.

❌ Disadvantages:

1. Limited content for intermediate and advanced players.

2. Lack of in-depth theory lessons.

3. Some advanced tutorials require a premium membership.

4. YourGuitarSage

🎸 Erich Andreas, aka YourGuitarSage, is known for his passion for teaching guitar. His YouTube channel combines lessons, theory, and practical tips to help guitarists improve their skills. Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate player, YourGuitarSage has something for you.

🎯 Advantages:

1. Lessons cover a wide range of techniques and genres.

2. Emphasis on music theory and practical application.

3. Interactive Q&A sessions and live streams.

4. Free chord cheatsheets and resources on his website.

❌ Disadvantages:

1. Limited content specifically for advanced players.

2. Some concepts may require prior knowledge.

3. Premium courses are available for an additional cost.

5. Swiftlessons

🎸 Swiftlessons, hosted by Philadelphia-based guitarist Rob Swift, provides high-quality guitar lessons that cater to various skill levels. With a focus on blues, jazz, and acoustic styles, Rob Swift ensures that each lesson is informative and enjoyable.

🎯 Advantages:

1. Lessons cover blues, jazz, and acoustic guitar styles.

2. In-depth theory explanations.

3. Wide range of song tutorials.

4. Easy-to-follow tabs and diagrams.

❌ Disadvantages:

1. Limited focus on other genres.

2. Advanced concepts may not be suitable for beginners.

3. Some song tutorials may require a premium membership.


🎸 is a comprehensive online guitar learning platform offering a vast library of free lessons. Their YouTube channel provides a glimpse into their content, covering various techniques, styles, and theory lessons suitable for guitarists at different stages.

🎯 Advantages:

1. Extensive library of lessons for all levels.

2. Covers different genres and techniques.

3. Provides backing tracks for practice.

4. Access to additional resources and premium courses.

❌ Disadvantages:

1. Some concepts may be more challenging for beginners.

2. Premium content is available at an additional cost.

3. Limited in-depth theory lessons.

7. GuitarJamz

🎸 Marty Schwartz, the man behind GuitarJamz, has been teaching guitar for over a decade. His YouTube channel offers a wide range of lessons, from beginner basics to advanced techniques. With his charismatic teaching style, Marty keeps the learning process fun and engaging.

🎯 Advantages:

1. Lessons for all skill levels.

2. Covers various genres and techniques.

3. Detailed song tutorials.

4. Regularly uploads new content.

❌ Disadvantages:

1. Some lessons may not be suitable for complete beginners.

2. Premium courses are available for an additional cost.

3. Lack of in-depth theory lessons.

Complete Information Table

Channel Focus Suitable for Free Lessons Premium Content
Guitar Lessons with Justin Various genres and techniques All levels Yes Some
Marty Music Various genres and techniques All levels Yes Some
Andy Guitar Popular songs and techniques Beginners Yes Some
YourGuitarSage Wide range of techniques All levels Yes Some
Swiftlessons Blues, jazz, and acoustic styles All levels Yes Some Various genres and techniques All levels Yes Some
GuitarJamz Various genres and techniques All levels Yes Some

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can I learn guitar for free on YouTube?

Yes! All the channels mentioned in this article offer free guitar lessons on YouTube.

2. Are these lessons suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! These channels provide lessons suitable for beginners, as well as intermediate and advanced players.

3. Can I learn different genres of music on these channels?

Yes, these channels cover various genres, including rock, blues, jazz, and more.

4. Are there any premium courses available?

Yes, some channels offer premium courses that provide additional content and resources for a fee.

5. Can I request specific songs to be taught?

Many of these channels welcome song requests from their viewers.

6. Are there any live Q&A sessions?

Some channels host live Q&A sessions, where you can ask questions and get personalized advice.

7. Can I interact with other guitar enthusiasts?

Most of these channels have active communities where you can interact with other learners and musicians.

8. Will these lessons teach me music theory?

While some channels include music theory lessons, others focus more on practical techniques and playing by ear.

9. Can I learn advanced techniques on these channels?

Yes, these channels cover a range of techniques suitable for beginners through advanced players.

10. Are there specific channels for acoustic guitar lessons?

Yes, channels like Andy Guitar and Swiftlessons focus on acoustic guitar lessons.

11. Can I find tabs and chords for the songs taught in the lessons?

Most channels provide tabs, chords, and diagrams for the songs they teach.

12. Do these channels cover fingerpicking techniques?

Yes, fingerpicking techniques are often included in the lessons provided by these channels.

13. Can I access these lessons on mobile devices?

Yes, you can access these lessons on YouTube via mobile devices or through the YouTube mobile app.


Now that you know about the 7 best free online guitar lessons YouTube channels, it’s time to pick up your guitar and start learning. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, these channels offer a wealth of knowledge and guidance to help you improve your skills. Take advantage of the wide variety of lessons, techniques, and song tutorials available on these channels.

Remember, practice makes perfect! Dedicate regular time to practice and explore the lessons offered by these channels. Join their communities, ask questions, and interact with fellow guitar enthusiasts.

So, go ahead and embark on your musical journey with these fantastic online resources. With dedication and passion, you’ll soon be strumming your favorite songs and impressing your friends with your guitar skills.

Closing Statement

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only. The mentioned YouTube channels and their content are subject to change, and additional terms and conditions may apply. Please refer to the respective channels for the most up-to-date information and any premium content offerings.

Thank you for reading, and we wish you all the best in your guitar learning journey!

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